Sunday, 17 January 2016


1. Reduce calories and sweets.
2. Try to eat as much low-fat food (chicken, fish and yougurt) as it is possible. 
3. Give up smoking.
4. Don't go to bed late. Lack of sleep causes that our skin age faster.
5. Keep calm and try to avoid stress at home, school or work.
6. Don't eat between meals if you don't want to put on weight.
7. Keep fit and stay in shape. Try to do some excercises, go jogging or go to the gym. But remember don't be a fitness fanatic. You need to stay in shape, but also you shouldn't exaggerate. Just try to keep a balanced lifestyle.

Friday, 8 January 2016


1. Look at jobs advertised in the newspaper, your local Job Centre and on the Internet.
2. If you find an interesting job that you want to apply for, write a letter of application or phone for an application form.
3. Send your letter or application form and wait till someone will invite you for an interview.
4. Don't forget to enclose your up-to-date Curriculum Vitae with the letter.
5. Make sure that it includes all the details of your qualifications, your previous work experience, etc.
6. Once you get an interview it's up to you! 

Thursday, 17 December 2015


Is it possible to read your character from zodiac sign? Personally, I think that zodiac signs and horoscopes have nothing to do with real life. All those horoscopes in newspapers are written by people who just make them up. I remember when I was in high school and one of my teachers told us about his friend, who was an engineer and was writing horoscopes for one of the local newspapers.

On the other hand, they are written mainly for entertainment and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Look at the case of one of my friends who believed that she was going to win a fortune, because that's what her horoscope promised her. That's why every day she buys a lotto ticket. 

Personally, I think that horoscopes are rubbish and they're not worth reading.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

HOLIDAYS: in your country or abroad?

Why people prefer holidays abroad to holidays in their own country? I think that people are bored with their own country and also they want to see new places. Travelling abroad gives them a lot of opportunities to see interesting places and get to know other cultures.

Also, I think that nowadays people prefer to travel to other countries, because they've seen all interesting places in their own country and now they just want to see something different.

In Poland, for example, people are home lovers and they rarely leave their houses. When they decide to go somewhere for holidays, they usually pick place in Poland, because it's cheaper than holidays in exotic countries.

In Germany, people travel. Also people from other countries, like Spain, Italy, Great Britain travel much more than we do, because they can afford it.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Most people find the idea of being a star very attractive and tempting. The people who dream of fame many times don't really realise that living in the public eye brings as many disadvantages as advantages. Many people see only the enjo about being famous and they just ignore the problems that go along with it. 

Famous people have photographers around them all the time wherever they go. They have to put up with journalists writing gossips about them in newspapers. With this kind of pressure, some celebrities find it difficult to keep up relations with their friends or partners and sometimes they may even regret making the decision to be famous. It's true that once you've become well-known you can't go back to an ordinary life. So is fame actually worth it?

Sunday, 29 November 2015


It's very frustrating for every person not being able to remember some information. Having a bad memory can be also disadvantage for students during exam time. There are countless ideas for improving our memory, for example some people claim that we should use all our senses during the process of learning. That's why instead of reading silently we should record the material and then listen to it again and again. The combination of speaking and listening helps to remember better the written text. Other people think that there is a better possibility to remember something successfully when we try to do it when our house is silent and just before the bedtime.

Sunday, 22 November 2015


Are you looking for student accomodation? Here you have some basic rules to check when you are looking for a flat. 

1. If you like peace and quiet, avoid housing estates next to roads and motorways.
2. If you're on a tight student budget, you need to find a flat that you can afford. 
3. Check the bus or tram timetabe near your new flat. You have to be sure that the transport links are appropriate for your needs. 
4. Check how close is your potential flat to shops, health centres or post office.
5. Talk with the owner of a flat that you're interested in and get to know what's he/she like. Does he/she repair all the faults quickly or maybe you are responsible for covering all maintenance costs?
6. Check if the flat is in good repair. If you notice any patches of damp on the wall, it's not a good idea to move in.
7. Read the contract and check how much you will pay and when.